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Easy Guide to No Fault Benefits

No Fault Divorce

There are many benefits of no-fault divorce law. In fact, couples will find that it can be a rather simple way to achieve a legal dissolution of marriage. In general, no-fault divorce laws allow couples to be granted a divorce in a more speedy fashion. While some states require that couples live a part for some time before they will be granted a divorce, many do not.

In fact, some states grant a divorce very fast when the no-fault divorce law is applied. In addition, no-fault divorce laws allow couples to save a lot of money due to the decrease in money spent on legal battles. No-fault divorce law also allow couples to be spared the emotional and psychological discomfort of extended legal battles. In fact, many couples that go through contested divorces, spent extensive time, energy and money on the divorce. In addition, those individuals often have a harder time remaining friendly due to the intensity of court proceedings.

No-fault divorce laws allow either spouse to file for divorce in the absence of making harsh accusations. Many times, those accusations are false anyway. It is difficult for couples to remain on good terms when they are forced to place blame in order to be granted a divorce. No-fault divorce laws allow spouses to avoid the pain of being blamed for the end of a marriage. In fact, spouses both feel a sense of relief when neither is forced to take full responsibility for the divorce. In the past, both women and men would feel trapped in marriages that did not work out.

Although they were not happy in their marriage, they still did not wish to harm the other person's reputation by making false accusations so that the courts would find a spouse at fault. Now, no-fault divorce laws allow couples the opportunity to divorce in the absence of undue harm to either individual's reputation. In addition, no-fault divorce law spares the psychological health of both spouses because they are not forced to make accusations, or defend themselves against accusations.

In either case, spouses can suffer irreparable harm to their over all health and well being. No-fault divorce law also allows couples to save a lot of money. In contested divorces, individuals are forced to spend more time with separate lawyers and are also required to spend more time in court proceedings in order to achieve a resolution. However, no-fault divorce law helps couples to avoid such intense legal battles.

Couples that can resolve their divorce in the absence of blame, often find the process to be much more beneficial to all involved parties. For one thing, couples that utilize no-fault divorce law, are often able to remain on good terms. In addition, couples are generally reach a settlement much quicker, eliminating the stress of waiting. Oftentimes, couples that utilize no-fault divorce law find that the process is much less damaging to their over all well being than other types of divorce.

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