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Quick Guide to The Petition for Divorce

Petition For Divorce

Filing a divorce petition is difficult regardless of a couple's unique situation and circumstance. However, this process is much more difficult when children are involved. In many states, the process of filing a petition for divorce varies slightly if the couple has children. In order to initiate the process, one spouse must petition for divorce by completing the appropriate paperwork. He/she must include information about his/her children on the divorce form and describe his/her ideal child custody arrangement.

The other spouse will then be officially served the petition. He/she will have the ability to respond to the original position. In his/her response, he/she can agree or disagree to the statements made by the filing spouse. When a divorce involves children, child custody must be determined. In many cases, both parties will agree to share joint custody of the children. However, a divorce case may involve a child custody battle, during which both parties fight for sole custody of the child. Divorce can be emotionally traumatizing for a child, and therefore, it is important that both parents consider what is best for the child.

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