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Children and Divorce: Effects

Children And Divorce Effects

In situations where some type of physical or substance abuse is grounds for completing a divorce, often the decision surrounding the future decision regarding divorce and kids is cut and dry. If the children are determined to not be safe with one of the parents, it will usually be determined that the other will take full custody after the divorce. Children need to understand from the start, the reasons why this split is occurring.

Sometimes the ideas surrounded divorce and children will play out in a more beneficial way. The former couple can sometimes look past their mutual differences and understand that both parents share a loving and safe relationship with the children. Considering this situation the relocation of one of the parents to somewhere further away may make it appropriate for the child to stay where they grew up because other friends and family can make the situation easier and more recognizable in the face of such a massive change.

The fact that divorce and kids can be a difficult combination can not be ignored. Often, parents will vent frustration on the children because of the less time they are able to share together. It is crucial that children of a certain age are able to live their lives without having their parents demand certain expectations. Children usually hold an idealistic vision of their family and the original split was likely hard enough without the undue pressure placed on them.

Numerous studies have been done surrounding divorce and kids, finding that the familial split can have negative consequences on the children. From the outset many kids will take a degree of blame in their parent's divorce so it is crucial to make their placement and future based on their best interest rather than that of the parents.

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