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What Are The Child Support State Variations

Child Support State Variations

If parents should choose to move to another state after there is a child support agreement in place, there can be legal complications. The California court of appeals heard a case in which parents that had previously resided in one state, moved separately to two other states. The issue at hand was which state child support laws should apply to the case. The courts decided that the state in which the father had moved to, would be the state's guidelines that applied. Since each state has its own child support guidelines, parents that move to another state , should take that issue under advisement.

Each state's court is likely to offer different decisions regarding that issue. Under Connecticut's Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA), parents in this scenario would 'race to the door' of the courthouse with the guidelines that work better for them. However, if the parent that receives child support payments, continues to reside in the same state, they are likely to continue to receive payments of the same amount according to the state child support guidelines.

Each state has its own child support guidelines. Those guidelines dictate the amount of child support awarded, unless the parents make their own child support agreement. Parents that continue to reside in their original state of residence can expect payments to remain consistent unless there is an extreme change in circumstances.

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