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Child Support Payments Specific Usage Of Money

Child Support Payments Specific Usage Of Money

One problem that non-custodial parents may have with courtdocumentation Some non-custodial parents may feel that it is unfair that the custodial parent can collect child support payments without itemizing what it is being used it for. Child support information specifies that a parent who is legally allowed to collect child support payments should use it for a range of things, as long as they relate to the child. Things such as food, residence, and educational expenses

According to current child support information, a custodial parent does not usually have to itemize or account for any times when they collect child support. It may be very difficult to do so anyway, considering that things like food, rent or mortgage payments are considered to be mixed expenses that benefit both the parent and the child. They cannot be separated. If children are older in age, the non-custodial parent may wish for the child be the one to collect child support payments, yet, their request will not necessarily be granted. However, if the non-custodial parent paying child support decides to give their child extra money or gifts, this does not release them from their obligation to pay child support to the custodial parent.

While it is true that custodial parents are supposed to collect child support for specific reasons, there may be times when they use it for their own needs. However, it is very difficult for the non-custodial parent to prove a claim like that. Unless the child is being actually neglected, the court will usually leave the decisions of how to spend the child support payments up to the custodial parent.

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