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What Are Child Support Payments Health Care

Child Support Payments Health Care

If the parent paying child support is working, the family court will often check to see if the parent's job offers medical benefits. If the parent's job does offer medical insurance to its employees and their families, then the parent paying child support will usually be ordered to sign up for this coverage and put the child on their company's health care plan. This will usually benefit everyone involved with the proceedings. However, the judge may choose not to demand medical coverage for the child through the parent's employer if the costs of the insurance are considered unreasonable.

The fairness of the medical coverage cost is determined by the family court. If the parent paying child support does not have a high salary and company medical insurance is very expensive, the judge may choose to not force the non-custodial parent to put the child on the company's health insurance plan. The parent may be required to help pay for regular medical coverage in a dollar amount each month, or the figure may be tallied in to the child support payment amounts. A parent's medical health insurance help with their child will be considered and taken into account when the judge determines how much child support the individual must pay, and should decrease the amount of money to be paid each month.

A parent's gross income will not be taken lightly when it comes to deciding on medical coverage. The custodial parent may also be required to provide medical coverage, if it is within their means. Child support orders may dictate that the custodial parent put their children under their company's medical insurance plan, if they can. The amount of child support that the non-custodial parent has to pay monthly may increase in this case.

If the custodial parent is receiving government aid for medical coverage, then the non-custodial parent will usually have to sign a document that will be filed with the child support order. The document will state that if the non-custodial parent has or starts a new job that offers insurance, they must put the child on their company's insurance plan, unless doing so would put a heavy financial strain on them.

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