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Child Support Payment Distribution Methods


Child support payments used to primarily be paid by check. Today, it is more common for custodial parents to receive their child support payments in two other ways, although a check is still acceptable under current child support guidelines. In a world that relies on technology for everything, many custodial parents receive their child support payments through a special debit card. Under most state child support guidelines, this debit card is issued specifically to access one's child support payments. This debit card only receives child support payments but can be used like a regular debit card.

Child support payments can also be direct deposited into one's check or savings account. These child support payments may be paid independently by the non-custodial parent or taken directly out of their paycheck. If a non-custodial parent makes payments on time, they will most likely be able to make private child support payments, without any interference with their paychecks. This is also true if a non-custodial parent is unemployed. The non-custodial parent still has to make child support payments. However, with no wages to garnish, a custodial parent's recourse is different, if the non-custodial parent

Child support guidelines are made with the child's best interest in mind. Certain rules are also made for the benefit of the parent. An individual technically is not allowed to pay their child support payments in cash; this methodology serves to protect them in case the custodial parent tries to fraudulently sue for back child support payments. Some non-custodial parents do pay in cash.

Their decision to do that usually has to do with the relationship they have with their former partner. If the relationship sours, they may not be protected due to the child support guidelines that were set up to avoid situations of that nature. Even written acknowledgment of the child support payments may not be used as proof in certain cases.

Methods of distribution of child support payments were put into place to help every party. The non-custodial parent can have proof of payment and the custodial parent with the child can receive child support payments quickly. A custodial parent can choose to claim child support payments as part of their income if they desire. This amount of money may make a difference when buying a home or car, and in this way, proof of the child support payments can be beneficial to both the custodial and non-custodial parent.

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