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All You Need to Know About Distribution Punishment for Non Payment

Child Support Distribution

Each state has their own Division of Child Support. This makes it easier to keep track of parents that do not pay their child support. Any child support enforcement agency has cooperation from the federal government. The high number of parents who were failing to make their child support payments prompted the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act of 1998 to be made. Although, the fleeing of a non-custodial parent from their respective state of residence , in lieu of paying child support , is considered federal crime, the enforcement of child support laws became even more strict with the passing of the Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act of 1998.

There are other punishments that any state child support enforcement agency can impose on a non-custodial parent. A non-custodial parent's most common punishment is payment of a fine in addition to their back child support. Other common punishments include losing a driver's license, garnishing one's wages and garnishing one's income taxes. This is to make sure that the The Division of Child Support Enforcement exists in order to assist custodial parents and their children to receive what is legally, and rightfully owed to them. It is because of their dedication that billions of dollars in back child support has been recovered within the last decade.

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