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All You Need to Know About Court Forms

Court Forms

Different states require different child support forms to be on file. There may be a particular child support form that is needed, depending on the circumstances. Special forms are categorized by the action that a parent needs done. There are many different kinds child support forms that a parent may need to fill out. These child support forms may cover issues such as establishing the amount of money that each child support payment should be, to penalties for a parent, for not paying the court ordered child support. Any child support form can be obtained in person at the local family courthouse or downloaded from one's state family court website.

A common child support form to be filed is the Affidavit in Support of Establishing Paternity. This child support form is only needed if the father of the child is denying that the child is his. If the couple was married at the time of conception, if the father signed the birth certificate or signed an acknowledgment of paternity, then it may be difficult to deny the legal responsibilities that the man has to the child. A mother may wish to attempt to establish paternity through this child support form, if the man is denying parentage. A similar child support form is called the Request to Establish Paternity.

Child support forms also must be filed when one wants to begin receiving child support. The Application for Child Support Services is the child support form that one needs to file to begin their child support case. This form can be filed along with the child support form that seeks to acknowledge paternity. One can be filed without the other, as there are times when only one of the child support forms is needed. A parent may also wish to violate the other parent if they do not pay the child support that they are legally obligated to pay. The child support form that must be filled out is the Child Support Grievance form. This is also a common child support form to fill out, as there are millions of dollars of back child support owed to custodial parents in the United States.

Child support forms must be filled out in full before one submits them to their local family court. The sooner one files the necessary child support forms, the sooner they can begin receiving child support.

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