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Easy Guide to Using A Child Support Calculator

Child Support Calculator

The amount of child support that is ordered by the court to be paid varies depending on circumstance.

Child support calculators assume that all children live primarily with one parent; a child support calculator is not intended to estimate the situations where physical custody or sole custody exist - other factors that may affect a child support order is issued by a court. The purpose of a child support calculator is informational, and it does not take into account the extra costs; the presiding court has final authority to determine the amount of alimony awarded.

Using a Child Support Calculator

When one has completed the assessment application form, click the ‘calculate’ button to obtain an estimate of how much support the noncustodial parent must pay the custodial parent in. Most state-mandated child support calculators assume that all children live primarily with one parent; it is not intended to estimate the situations where physical custody or sole custody. These calculations do not include possible adjustments to children who may or may not be subject to the custody order as a result of their respective residence with a parent.

Calculating Child Support Orders

Child support orders are legally binding documents that require non-custodial parent to provide monthly financial support for the child and/or children. Formulas used to calculate the amount of maintenance non-custodial parent owes to the custodial parent take into account how much money each parent ears, the amount of additional income to which each parent is entitled, how many children need support, how much time both parents pass their child and/or children, the cost of health insurance, the cost of childcare, and other pertinent details.

Validity of Child Support Calculators

Please remember that these calculations are for informational and educational purposes only and the amount of court-ordered child support that each individual case renders may differ from the amount estimated by the calculator. Although child support calculators afford individuals an approximation, they are not to be considered as the final legal word.

Reporting Employment with Child Support Calculators

Self-employment income, rent, royalties, ownership of a business, and joint ownership of a partnership or closely held company must be taken into account as per calculating child support; this is in addition tothe cost of goods sold, as well asa surmise of the necessary expenses for self-employment or business.

Legal Assistance in the Usage of a Child Support Calculator

In particular, outside the ordinary and necessary expenses are amounts allowable by the Internal Revenue Service for the element of accelerated depreciation, investment tax credits or other business expenses determined by the liquidator may be considered inappropriate - or excessive – in the determination of the gross income of a household. The percentage of parenting time – in lieu of the gross income - can be determined using a method determined by an attorney specializing in family law, tax law, or custodial law.

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