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Parenting Plan Issues and Situations a Parenting Plan Address

Parenting Plan Issues And Situations A Parenting Plan Address

The avoidance of litigation during a divorce is not always a viable option if the spouses have not maintained amicable relations. However, should the need arise to institute child custody arrangements, a court hearingdivorce settlement. The child may have been enduring a great deal of stress prior to that event, and although they may not have express it, children can sense when parents cannot cooperate with one another.

The child is the most important issue at the center of a divorce. Many parents may harbor bitter feelings and hostility towards one another, but most are willing to put those feelings aside when it comes to making decisions that will affect the child's life. Many parents don't realize how many decisions they make separately and jointly on a daily basis regarding the child until the day comes when their family life is disrupted. It is not unusual for one or both parents to forget very important issues that will affect the child's life when developing a divorce parenting plan; this is not due to the fact that the parents do not care about the child or do not have the child's best interests on their mind, rather, it is because many aspects of a parenting plan will address issues that neither of the parents in question ,have seldom considered on a daily basis.

The number of daily decisions that a parent makes on behalf of their children is staggering. Taking this dynamic into consideration, the true nature of the affectations of children should be taken into consideration during a custody battle. Though both parents may feel entitled, wrong, and resolute, none of these sentiments allow for a docile and calm retreats for their respective child, if they create hostile and antagonistic environments.

Because most parents have never been alone with their child for a long period of time, they may not realize all the different stipulations, issues and situations they may need to address in the development of parenting plans. Before beginning the draft of a parenting plan, it often a good idea to think of what the child goes through on a daily basis, as well as preparing your child for extraordinary circumstances.

When one falls into a pattern of family living where each parent has their own set of parental and household responsibilities, one sometimes cannot realize what other needs must be met for the child, especially when the other parent was previously responsible for its completion. Because of this, many courts have required that parents jointly submit a parenting plan for their child prior to a custody decision. In addition to saving court time, both parents will have the opportunity to sit down with one another and discuss their responsibilities and concerns regarding the child. If there are multiple children, the parents may want to develop multiple parenting plans, instead of a one size fits all to cover all of the children, as each child is different.

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