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Interim Child Custody At A Glance

Interim Child Custody

If a child's health or well-being is threatened or if a family is being investigated on certain claims, such as child abuse or neglect, a court may establish an interim child custody order. An interim order will place the child in the custody of an appointed individual. Generally, the initial interim order can endure for a period of 8 weeks.

If the investigation or situation is not resolved during this 8 week period, the court can renew the interim order for a period of 28 days. Following the expiration of the 28 day period, the court can renew the interim child custody order again. The order will continue to be renewed until the situation has been successfully resolved. If the family has initiated significant changes or if vital evidence has been obtained, the family can petition for the dissolution of the interim order. However, if the court believes that the household presents an emotional, psychological, or physical threat to the child, the interim order will be maintained.

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