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Easy Guide to Annulment Forms

Annulment Forms

The process to deem a marriage null and void is lengthy and requires numerous annulment forms. To begin the procedure through a civil hearing the annulment form used to establish the trial is simply referred to as an annulment petition. Usually these annulment forms are filed with an individual state's Superior Court. The petition, is comprised of roughly 10 pages and requires all information regarding one's marriage in question.

The first couple of pages revolve around basic information and residency. The next section will ask one personal questions regarding one's marriage. Does one have a marriage certificate? What problems did one experience during one's marriage? The next section of the petition will inquire about jointly owned property. A knowledge of what an individual and their respective spouse share is imperative when filling out these annulment forms. In addition to property a section is also present concerning joint debts.

Additional annulment forms such as two original summons, an automatic domestic standing order, and a sheriff's entry of service form must be attached to the petition in order to be considered a valid request. These documents will be given to one at that time of filing, and instructions on how complete them will be attached. Like most legal actions these forms require a payment-ranges from $100 to $500. Although lengthy and time consuming these annulment forms must be registered and filled out properly in order for a trial to be commenced.

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