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Annulment and Catholicism

Annulment And Catholicism

Unfortunately for many couples, marriage is an impossible and fragile alliance. As divorce rates climb past 50% the sanctity of the holy union becomes questioned. To society, divorce represents the end of a relationship, it completely cuts off the ties that marriage once united. To the church and devout Catholics, divorce simply divides the couple's tangible assets.

It is a legal recognition, that does not eliminate the spiritual bond created at marriage. Reasons for divorce are broad; a Catholic annulment, however, can only be granted through specific violation of Church law present during the time of marriage.

After signaling out the violation that was present, one must go through a lengthy The Catholic annulment comes with a stigma that is in many ways controversial. Because of the discriminatory practices and restrictions attached to a religious annulment one must be aware of the many implications imposed on those involved in the process.

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