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Age of Divorcees Factor on Alimony

Age Of Divorcees

Of all the alimonyamount of timepermanent alimony Divorcees that break up after years of marriage are likely to be older. They may have grown children, thus eliminating any possible child support payments. An older person is less likely to be able to earn a substantial income, especially if either of the divorcees decided to forgo a career to stay home and raise a family.

The longer that one has been out of the workplace, the less likely it is that they will be able financially to support themselves. Because of this, a judge will use the age of the divorcees when determining whether to award alimony payments.

Other divorce factors involving age, include whether an individual is retired or coming to the end of their career. Divorcees may need alimony payments to live on if they are no longer steadily employed. If the spouse is unlikely ever to work again due to age, then it is likely that they will receive some form of alimony.

Permanent alimony payments are more likely to be rewarded to older divorcees, due to the limited earning capacity they may have. The chances of older divorcees developing new careers are much smaller than younger divorcees. Attending college or a job training program may not affect the fact that although qualified, an older person may have a harder time finding a job.

While younger divorcees may be awarded temporary or rehabilitative alimony payments, older divorcees may receive permanent alimony payments due to their age alone, without taking into account the length of their marriage. While it is true that any divorcees who were married for a long period of time have a better chance of being awarded alimony payments, an older spouse married for a short period of time may also be entitled.

This is because the length of the marriage does not change the fact that an older person will find it much more difficult to find work, especially if they do not have a good amount of work experience. The age of divorcees may also lead to other divorce factors to be considered. If the ex-spouse is older, their age alone may lead to an oncoming illness.

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