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Effects of Divorce Liberalization

Effects Of Divorce Liberalization

While women on average still earn lower salaries then men, they have achieved a level of financial independence that previous generations did not know. Years ago, it was a given that a woman would get married and be supported by her husband. Thus, a divorce would leave a woman unable to support herself. Alimony payments could be denied to a woman if she was the cause of the divorce. If it was the man's fault, he would usually have to pay alimony, or an allowance, to his former wife forever. This was because a woman had limited earning capacity.

Women in a liberal society do not typically rely on men to take care of them financially. Most women, married or otherwise, have careers outside the home. Due to the fact that many women have greater financial independence, alimony is not awarded as much or as easily as it used to be.

However, studies do show that even in modern society, on average, men who divorce are better off financially, while women are more likely to have financial difficulties. This is attributed partially to the fact that many women still get primary

Today, divorce is granted very easily. This is considered to be both a burden and a blessing by society.

However, as the divorce rate grows, the number of spouses receiving alimony payments drops. Alimony is an area of family law that is very unpredictable. Each alimony case is unique. Surveys have shown that many liberal, modern women look down on alimony payments, due to the fact that they make the woman reliant on a man. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact a divorce lawyer.

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