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Post Marital Alimony Request

Post Marital Alimony Request

No matter what the circumstances are, either spouse can request a post-marital alimony agreement. This does not mean that they will be granted one. In the past, most women were automatically entitled to post-marital alimony payments. In an age where women are more financially independent than ever, many of them do not need an alimony agreement created. Even if they want it, they may not be entitled to it if their financial circumstances do not demand one.

If the spouses mutually accept an alimony agreement, the judge will almost always approve it. If the couple is arguing over post-marital alimony payments, the judge intercedes and decides on a fair alimony arrangement for the couple. The judge's decision to award post-marital alimony payments will depend on several factors.

Alimony and divorce are two issues that require organized planning and decision making. While making arrangements may be difficult, a fair alimony agreement benefits both spouses.

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