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Interim Support During Litigation

Interim Support During Litigation

Before a separated couple enters a alimony pendente lite, a Latin term meaning "while the litigation is pending". An order for temporary alimony can be made whether or not the couple has officially filed for divorce. There is no formal action in divorce court that is taken when a contract types.

It is important to keep in mind that the temporary alimony payments that are awarded to a spouse during litigation are likely to be higher then the alimony payments received after the divorce is final. This is because the temporary alimony awarded during litigation is supposed to help the dependent spouse as they are getting accustomed to a new standard of living.

Temporary alimony might take some of the financial pressure off the dependent spouse as they take the necessary steps to help themselves . This may include getting an education, a job or advancing in one they already have. It may be difficult, but the dependent spouse is expected to work toward independence during the litigation process in divorce court.

Although being awarded temporary alimony is no guarantee that one will be granted any alimony payments after the divorce is final, the temporary alimony payments can help when one is trying to get back on their feet. A divorce is usually a financially difficult time for an individual and temporary alimony payments may help ease some of the burden.

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