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Understanding the Finality of Decision

Finality Of Decision

No alimony decision is final. Agreements can be modified in case of a change of circumstances for either spouse. While an alimony decision can be appealed as soon as it is issued, it is more common for an ex-spouse to later request that the alimony decision be modified due to a later change in circumstances. An individual who receives alimony can file a motion to have the amount of alimony they receive raised. The ex-spouse who pays can request to have the payment amount lowered or canceled.

While a court is not usually happy about changing a couple's alimony decision, they may agree to it depending on the circumstances. After studying their state alimony laws, one should first file a motion in a propertyremarries Although an alimony decision can be changed, it is up to the individuals involved to take the steps to modify it. There are many other circumstances that can allow an alimony decision to be modified. The court will review the case and decide whether a person's change in circumstances warrants a change to the alimony decision.

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